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Improve staff ability to manage infections

To prevent the spread of infection in healthcare settings, it is essential that staff apply the correct precautions and effectively manage patients who have an infection or are at risk of infection.

The Infection Management Game is a fun and engaging training tool that helps groups of staff to work with relevant policy documents and improve their knowledge and confidence in the management of patients.

Players explore the different precautions and procedures that should be used to limit infection outbreaks, allowing them to test their knowledge and skills and find relevant information when they need it.

The game is designed to work with ALL local, regional or national Infection Prevention and Control policies.

Topics covered by the game include:

  • Infection risk assessment 
  • Understanding and applying local/national policies and procedures
  • Cleaning of environment and care equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment  
  • Hand Hygiene 

Developed with Critical Care Infection Surveillance Nurse, Odette Brooks, in partnership with Scottish Health Innovations Ltd

“Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do in NHS Lothian and is the foremost priority in every department. This engaging training tool allows staff to develop their knowledge around infection management, consider their own responses and make the correct decisions within a safe environment.” - Fiona Cameron, Head of Infection Prevention and Control

“Robust infection prevention and control is a cornerstone of quality care and patient safety; so SHIL have been proud to support NHS Lothian Critical Care Infection Surveillance Nurse, Odette Brooks, bring the Infection Management Game to market. Working collaboratively with Odette and commercial partner Focus Games, SHIL were able to fund and support development of the prototype - the result is a dynamic, interactive, scenario-based game that will support effective delivery of infection control and management training.” - Gillian Henderson, Head of Project Management at Scottish Health Innovation Ltd


“The PPE discussion that was generated was useful to understand why you would use what, where.” - Infection Prevention and Control Team Support Worker

“Even with a group with an excellent level of knowledge we had very active discussions” - Infection Prevention and Control Nurse

“Very enjoyable game. Good for refreshing knowledge.” - Clinical Scientist at NHS Lothian

“Bring Staff together, share experience in between departments.” - Infection Prevention and Control nurse

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